12th Anniversary Celebration

Activity rule

Who is the champion?

Activity rule

How to Participate:

What is a Valid Order?
Purchase at least $100 order from June.18th to July.9th,2016.

What about the REVIEW / VIDEO?
Share our "Guess the Winner, Get $50 Cash Back campaign" with your Facebook.
Record a short forecast video and upload it to your YouTube.

A valid review/video must at least meet the following demands:

-It Must Be Finished and Uploaded Before July.9th, 2016.
The review/video must include:

-A Brief Introduction
For example: "Hi, I am Tom, from Spain."

-Our Campaign Slogan and Order Number
Write down the order number (Valid order number) and Please note/say “I am participating Tomtop’s Guess the Winner, Get Cash Back campaign”. Notes: When recording the video you should put the paper in front of the camera so that the order number could be seen clearly.

-Write down Your Forecast Explicitly
For example: “I love Germany!!! THEY WILL WIN.” It is absolutely OK if you want to write/say any other praises of your beloved country.

-Review Title and Tags
Important!!! After uploading the review/video, please include at least the two phrases “2016 European Cup” and “Tomtop” in the title and tags.

The review/video that miss any element mentioned above will be considered invalid.

What's next?
Enjoy the Game!!! After the end of the game, we will pick out Top5 fans whose reviews or videos match the demands and guesses the final champion correctly as our final lucky ones to get cash back.